Colors of change…

The leaves are changing and they are looking pretty spectacular thus far…This weekend might be a nice time to take a drive through Maplewood:)

This time of year is always interesting and busy, people are closing up their cabins and pulling out their docks…the temps are cool in the morning and the mist off the lake is sweet to look at. The afternoons are warm for working outside and getting ready to the winter to come. Let’s hope it will be a shorter one this year!


The sea gulls are moving out for the fall and have been keeping Benny busy-he likes to chase them and let them know he’s there. He’s so tough, all 55 pounds of him…He is also interested in the new crunching that is covering the ground when we walk-He sticks his nose in every leaf pile he can find. Walking takes an extra half and hour now…

Take time to enjoy the fall changes, the colors, the temps, the smell in the air…

Peace out, S and M


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Feels like coming home…

This week in Pelican…Homecoming! Always an exciting time-full of dress up days, crazy antics, and coronation (Yeah for Haley and Sam!) and of course the big game! (Warroad and Pelican are both 4-0…it’s gonna be an awesome game.)

Homecoming is a celebration of remembering…former games, former kings and queens, some of the staff have been remembering dress up days gone by…

There is nothing like coming home-visiting with old friends and remembering the good times had in Pelican during our school days. Life goes by quickly and sometimes memories are all we are left with…

So here’s to the Vikings, the black and the orange-the days that are behind us and the days to come!

Go Vikes! -S and M

PS. Let’s make sure that traditions can live on and the opportunities that we have our children can take advantage of…check out and make a choice to vote on November 4th!

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long time, no write

So the summer was crazy busy and blogging wasn’t on top of our lists let’s say…This summer M and S learned quite a bit and were glad to have taken on all our new experiences. We found that Murphy’s Law is always in full effect and some days our names should have been Lucy and Ethel! But no matter how annoying the customer is always right and after winter we’ll be ready to try it all over again.

Now that the days are getting shorter there is more time to enjoy the view…

…and there will be more time to write.

M is back at UND and S is working at the high school this year…life is always busy with something.

We want to thank everyone for all their support and encouragement, we appreciate it so much! So now that there’s more time to write, we’ll try to update you on different summer stories…and keep you up to date on the happenings around the area.

Happy Fall, S and M

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Recently S and M were inked…here’s what we got:

M\'s tat
S\'s tat


M’s tattoo (on the top): the ovarian cancer ribbon in honor of her mother, with the word strength in it.
S’s tattoo (on the bottom): Love in her mother’s handwritting, her father’s, her sister’s and her own. With a heart drawn by her mom. 

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coffee crowd

The mornings at the counter during the summer are always interesting…usually overflowing with strong coffee and interesting conversation.

The coffee crowd is full of great stories and commentaries on life, the world around them, and fish (of course fish)…whether the stories are old, new or recycled-they always entertain and keep M and me smiling for hours.

Even though the crowd has changed and morphed, the stories stay interesting and M and myself have gotten quite the education on a variety of topics.

After several cups of coffee the guys hit their strides and slowly leave to head out to seize their day. We love our coffee guys and can’t wait to hear what story they will share next 🙂

cream or sugar, S & M

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Spring, is that you?


The Pelicans have arrived! Does this mean Spring is finally here?  Yesterday as I took Benny for a run, Pelicans were flying over from the back bay where they like to hang.  When we got back, they were right in front of the resort and I was able to catch one good pic! Enjoy!

Think Spring! S and M

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